Scarf story

Scarf story

.... The scarf

Taking its name from the Provençal («foulat», light fabric), the scarf has been known for a long time. Originally called «fichu», piece of cloth, it is in the 19th century that the word scarf will impose itself and relegate the «fichu» to the popular rank.

Cultural, political, religion, man, woman, the scarf has been playing chameleon for centuries conveying very different messages.

In Europe, the scarf, placed on the shoulders or on the head, was intended to protect itself from the cold or rain. It was also a way to show his wealth.

By the end of the 19th century, the scarf had gradually swung into the fashion world to become a true fashion accessory.

Today, the scarf is worn as much in the hair, neck, shoulders, around the hips as a belt or even on her handbag.

In a strong piece, it adds style and color to an outfit.

In two words: have fun!